Welfare With Web (WWW)

The company launched its ‘Welfare With Web‘ (WWW) programme and conducting it at many places in Kurnool (A. P.) to bring awareness among the people about the safety & benefits of doing their transactions digitally.

As part of the programme the company is providing with the unbeatable Discounts & Offers on all the products to the consumers to encourage them to adapt to the modern technologies like internet & mobile phones even to buy their daily groceries so easily with their finger tips even on the GO.

The programme is inaugurated by the Honorable MLA of Kurnool City Sri. S. V. Mohan Reddy.

Launching of the Website in Local Media

The official launch of www.saltandpepperretail.com on 26th September of 2015 happened to be the 1st Online Grocery Store of Andhra Pradesh State. It was the event of glad tidings to the dwellers of the Kurnool City.

Company in Social Activities

Under the banner of Salt & Pepper Retail the company distributes FREE Ration Kits to the poor and needy people in the month of Ramadan.

This act has given a lot of inspiration to many wealthy individuals as well as organisations to significantly contribute for the help of the poor sector of our society.